White Top Restaurant was founded in 1965 in the city of Lemoore by a very energetic couple that immigrated from Switzerland. The owners had a vast experience in the restaurant business. They were assistant chefs in hotels and big-name restaurants back in Switzerland and in New York.

The original idea was to create a fast food hamburger drive-in to serve customer of all ages. The menu was developed in very simple way with very catchy names such as the mini quick, quick lunch and road runner to name a few. After a few years, White Top became very popular in Lemoore due to the friendly and service and later became an iconic establishment in the community. 

After 35 years of service the original owners decided that it was time for them to retire and pass on the baton to a new family to keep the tradition.  In February 2001, the Zuniga’s took ownership of the restaurant and kept the same food and service quality that made White Top an initial success. White Top’s state main focus is customer satisfaction.  It provides friendly customer service, uses fresh ingredients, and prepares meals only when are ordered – while keeping prices affordable.  The menu has stayed the same with few additions that offered more variety to customers. Additionally, a drive thru option has been added under the new ownership which captured a new target market from customers who enjoy the convenience of a drive thru.